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Learn to defend yourself in an emergency

Probably everyone knows that queasy feeling that comes up when you walk through a deserted parking garage at night and meet shady people.

Martial arts such as boxing, Thai and kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu per se provide a good basis for preparing students for a completely uncooperative opponent. However, since these are martial arts, they focus exclusively on one-on-one confrontations with given techniques, defined areas, and a fixed set of rules.

Real violence on the other hand is fast, dynamic, and completely chaotic. At least one person in the encounter will try to hurt another and no one will know what the other person will do next. It is not what you see in most movies or learn in most martial arts units. And this is exactly where self-defense Hamburg comes in.

Self-defenSe Hamburg offers realistic self-defenSe as personal training and follows three basic principles:

  • Consciousness
  • De-escalation
selbstverteidigung hamburg

Many traditional martial arts pretend that they focus on e.g. self-defense for women, but do not train in even halfway realistic situations (sparring or randoori), where they encounter uncooperative opponents who also strike back. Physical training is also only one side of the coin. Real self-defense, like in our self-defense course in Hamburg, starts in your mind. Violence is negative and destructive, but when you start to get paranoid and suspect an attack around every corner, your quality of life decreases and you attract aggressors with your fearful manner, like honey attracts flies.

Building on this, we practice basic and for everyone, learnable standard reactions in the self-defense course Hamburg, so that in an emergency situation we instinctively call them up without having to think about it. In contrast to a huge portfolio of techniques, on the street it is an advantage to keep a cool head and to master a handful of easily retrievable practical techniques that can be applied safely, quickly, and effectively to different defense scenarios, even to physically inferior people like women or children.

Unlike in a normal self-defense course, here we particularly hit blows with the open hand, grab and learn to free ourselves from seemingly hopeless situations in order to gain distance from the aggressor as quickly as possible. As a licensed Krav Maga and a longtime martial arts trainer, I also offer a self-defense course for women, children and young people in the context of self-defense Hamburg, in order to provide them with an emergency plan in tricky situations. The self-defense training focuses on battle-tested, easy-to-learn techniques, and realistic training.

Self-defense Hamburg – Free trial session*


Pay for 10 sessions and get a free pair of boxing hand wraps


Equipment can be provided free of charge for each training session


Sport and video analyses for rapid training progress

*This offer is subject to the subsequent purchase of multiple sessions

Selbstverteidigung griffe
Selbstverteidigung training

Self-defence specifically for women

What is important in self-defence for women?

Our self-defense course for women in Hamburg provides the necessary equipment to successfully defend oneself in emergency situations. As a qualified self-defense trainer, personal trainer, and founder of Your Boxing Coach for the self-defense course contents, I draw on my more than 25 years of experience in various martial arts and my long time in the Hamburg security service.

What are the BENEFITS attending a self-defense course for women?

Self protection
Learning conflict management and de-escalation techniques
Physical fitness
Strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem

As a self-defense trainer, I am a determined opponent of scare tactics. Unlike other cities, we live very safely in Hamburg. And if you walk fearfully through life, I think you get into conflicts faster than the other way around.
But it cannot be denied that violent crime happens in a big city like Hamburg. Only a small fraction of it ends up in the regional news. Often women are at the center of these violent crimes, whether at home, on the way to or from work, or when going out in the evening. Not to mention sexual crimes, women, in particular, are often seen as vulnerable and easy targets where an aggressor can expect less resistance.

My self-defense course in Hamburg offers a lot of possibilities that can help everyone to protect themselves in emergency situations. A woman can certainly use the perceived passivity to her advantage, but in return, she must absolutely be prepared to defend herself confidently and without compromise in the event of an attack. But my course is also suitable for men who want to learn self-defense, in order to strengthen their self-confidence and go through life more safely.

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Selbstverteidigung lernen

Why is a self-defence course useful?

Because in a personal training for self-defense I can completely dedicate myself to your goals and your personal requirements and if desired, I can also determine the motives that have motivated you to start with the self-defense course Hamburg. In this personal framework, I will address your fears, create a framework within our personal training to build up self-confidence, and introduce you to a concept for self-defense that is easy to learn and is characterized by simple techniques. In this concept, we regularly recall what you have learned under mental and physical stress to simulate almost real situations. This self-defense training under stress ensures that you can recall the learned behavior and techniques in an emergency situation and do not fall into shock.

Our self-defense course Hamburg offers even more advantages as personal training or as training for small groups:

  • We train at the pace that suits you
  • If there are difficulties in the implementation, we practice until everything is right
  • Much faster learning success than in an impersonal classroom
  • In this way, you will quickly build confidence in your abilities
  • We concentrate on techniques specially selected for you
  • The self-defense course Hamburg offers a private atmosphere in which emotions are also allowed
  • The personal training serves as a supplement to regular lessons
  • You decide when and where we train

In the self-defense training we first of all look at the topic of dangerous situations and how we can escape from them ideally preventive. Once we have clarified this, we must deal with the fears that will catch up with us in an emergency situation. We then deal with our self-confidence, which we build and strengthen through practical exercises and in the fitness part. In this part, we focus the self-defense training on all basic motor skills, without which it is difficult to escape a weaponless emergency situation.

The self-defense course Hamburg is suitable for everyone, regardless of their own fitness. As well as for professional or recreational athletes, individuals or groups.

Krav Maga is not a sport in which opponents compete against each other in a sporting contest. Krav Maga is a pure self-defense system that brings the positive side effect of athletic fitness with it, as long as you train it sufficiently. Krav Maga makes use of practical techniques from various martial arts and combat sports, which originate from boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun, and street fighting. In the self-defense course Hamburg we only learn techniques based on natural functional movements and reactions.

The focus of our self-defense course is the correct reaction under stress, the early recognition of dangerous situations and the skilful behaviour to avoid them.

Self-defense Hamburg