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Get to know Coach Zeki!

Coach Zeki

Zeki Cizgec – Your Boxing Coach

My name is Zeki and I am the founder of Your Boxing Coach – your personal trainer Hamburg. Martial arts is my passion! I have been studying and practising various martial arts for 30 years now and have been working as a licensed personal trainer for boxing, Thai and kickboxing and in the fitness sector for more than 15 years. After my active time, I have dedicated myself more and more to my passion over the years and still enjoy passing on my knowledge and wealth of experience in both individual and group training sessions.

My qualifications

  • Fitness trainer A-licence
  • Fitness trainer B-licence
  • Athletics coach
  • Kettlebell Trainer Level-3
  • Nutritionist
  • Rehabilitation trainer
  • Specialist trainer for back training
  • Cardiovascular trainer
  • Breathing coach/breathwork trainer
  • Kickboxing coach (WAKO)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (Purple Belt/Gracie Barra)
  • Krav Maga-Instructor (DKMV)

As a personal trainer in Hamburg, my strength lies in my innovative approach to holistic training for active athletes and those who simply want to get fit. For me, kickboxing or boxing training always consists of a variation of functional, coordinative, plyometric and stability exercises. That’s why I incorporate my many years of experience from various martial arts, functional, core and mobility training into my sessions. In this way, your personal trainer Hamburg creates energising, health-based and high-intensity full-body workouts that are tailored to athletes of different levels of progression. As the learning success in personal boxing training is much higher than in group training, I would like to invite you to try out a one-to-one training session with your personal trainer in Hamburg.

Each of my individual sessions has only one goal!

– Whether for boxing, kickboxing or holistic fitness –

as a personal trainer in Hamburg, I bring out the best in you and your body.

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