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Voucher – Personal Training Hamburg


Give away a personal training VOUCHER for an action-packed private boxing workout, functional training, a HYROX workout or a self-defense course. The ideal experience gift for sports enthusiasts!

Box like a boxing pro!
What do you think of professional personal boxing training, for example, where adrenaline is in the air, fists fly and you are pushed to your physical limits? Perhaps you’d like a little more and we can arrange a sweat-inducing personal Muay Thai training session or a self-defense-based Krav Maga workshop?

You can view the entire range of courses offered by Your Boxing Coach – Personal Trainer Hamburg at courses to view.

A gift idea to let off steam – for body and soul!

As an experienced and certified trainer, I have been successfully conducting my trainings for many years for companies, teams, school classes, workshops, birthdays and, of course, as part of personal trainings as a gift idea. During our work on the claw, punching bags and the associated technical and fitness-based exercises, I motivate my participants to unleash their potential, let off steam and shed the ballast of everyday life. In this way, we can withstand the challenges of everyday life, benefit from increased self-confidence and have the opportunity to grow beyond ourselves. Martial arts in itself promotes qualities that will not only help you in your private life. A personal boxing training or martial arts workshop, e.g. as part of a company party, motivates employees and is ideal for team building. Overcoming challenges together and working together in a spirit of trust helps participants to break down barriers and strengthen team spirit. In my opinion, a personal training voucher is therefore the best experience gift for men and women who love sport.

A personal training voucher for real action in hamburg!

‘Fighting your way through’, ‘standing up to problems’ – many quotes and aphorisms use boxing or fighting to defy problems. How better to live out something more natural, hidden in the human genes, than by training for duels or defeating one or more opponents? However, the aim of the training is by no means just to defeat the opponent. Instead, personal training in boxing or Muay Thai helps us to focus on our own weaknesses, fears, deficits and blockages. For these reasons, my personal training sessions offer the ideal gift of experience, because we learn to overcome our inner weaker self and master challenges with discipline, tactics, strength, stamina, skill and a good dose of courage. Regardless of gender or level of progress.

An experience gift that pushes sports enthusiasts to their limits!

I no longer want to withhold one last, decisive success factor of my personal training sessions from the public! – Because I make sure that my participants get ‘HIGH’. And admittedly after every personal training session. Yes, you read that right! And without the use of any illegal substances! The high-intensity and action-packed workouts lead to a subsequent release of ‘happiness’ hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin in my participants. Ultimately, they are responsible for making you feel fantastic after our personal training sessions and for giving you a feeling of happiness and inner strength.

And how do you get your gift voucher?

You can purchase your personal training voucher directly using the booking button below. As soon as you have completed the payment process, you will be shown a voucher with a booking code that the recipient can use to book and manage their desired date. Unless otherwise agreed, the training will take place at the Zanshin Dojo in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. If you have any questions that we should clarify in person, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or the telephone number below.

Have fun giving them away!

Book a voucher for personal training now!

Minimum age 18 years. Participants must be in good health. The duration of a training session is 60 minutes. Equipment such as boxing gloves can be provided free of charge if required and by prior arrangement. Unless otherwise agreed after the purchase of the voucher, the personal training will take place in the premises of the Zanshin Dojo martial arts school in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

The AGB of Your Boxing Coach – Personal Trainer Hamburg apply.