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REHAB training Hamburg

Rehab Trainer Hamburg

Functional rehabilitation training as follow-up treatment after an accident, lack of exercise or overuse reaction.

Getting fit again after an operation – Rehabilitation Training Hamburg makes it possible and offers specific training and therapy to accompany customers in a targeted manner on the way to full recovery of physical performance.

“Die Gesundheit ist zwar nicht alles, aber ohne Gesundheit ist alles nichts.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

The knee operation is over and physiotherapy is in full swing. The expectation of regaining the original physical performance after one to three physiotherapy prescriptions is high. However, the reality is often that statutory healthcare generally only provides basic care and patients are forced to seek further treatment on their own initiative. Conversely, this means that the recovery of full physical performance in the event of damage or injury can only be achieved through regular rehabilitation training, which must be carried out over a long period of time.

And this is exactly where I come in! As a qualified rehab trainer, I regularly work with clients who suffer from the widespread disease “back pain”, complain of knee or shoulder pain or have other pre-existing conditions from various sports. Such restrictions are often caused by a lack of exercise, accidents or overuse reactions and can only be remedied with special rehabilitation training. In order to regain full performance, I tailor our rehab training Hamburg to the individual performance status of my clients and design all therapies according to training science criteria in order to eliminate functional disorders and prevent injuries. As a rehab trainer in Hamburg, I follow the same therapeutic approaches that are used by top athletes and are judged to be the most effective in improving my clients’ attitude to life and level of performance.

My mission is to help people feel good and be able to actively participate in life.

Rehab training Hamburg – Free trial training*


1 pair of boxing bandages free with the purchase of a 10-pack card


Rental equipment can be provided for each training session


Sports and video analysis for rapid training progress

*The offer is only valid when purchasing a multiple ticket or booking a longer-term training period. The costs incurred for the trial training will be refunded after the purchase.

Rehabilitation training Hamburg pursues the following goals:

  • Reduce functional disorders and pain
  • Mobilize reserves
  • Using forces efficiently
  • Increase movement safety
  • Preventing injuries
  • Promote and challenge individual and fundamental movement patterns

Sequence of the rehabilitation process

Various instances are used in the course of rehabilitation. Post-operative treatment therefore always begins with medical care. The patient then receives a treatment prescription, which they use to make their way to a physiotherapist they trust. The aim of physiotherapy is to prepare the patient for a return to everyday life. Depending on the type of injury, this is initially achieved through pain therapy and the associated mobilization. Once a certain level of performance has been reached, areas such as strength, endurance and coordination come to the fore in rehabilitation training in order to regain basic everyday resilience. The duration of treatment varies depending on the severity and type of injury. It is not possible to give a general indication of the stage at which the patient’s resilience is restored to such an extent that the physiotherapy is classified as completed by the attending physician. As a rule, a patient only reaches 70-80% of his or her capacity and from then on is on his or her own. However, in very few cases is this sufficient to achieve lasting and long-term relief from functional disorders and pain. Furthermore, in today’s healthcare system, one can speak of quantity rather than quality, as there is often no real quality of exercise to speak of. For this reason, personal initiative and discipline are required to encourage non-athletes to continue regular rehabilitation training. From this therapy phase onwards, the patient is completely on their own and should carry out the exercises properly and regularly at home or in a fitness studio.

However, the reality is that the majority of rehab patients have difficulties integrating their own rehab training into their everyday lives on a regular basis. If the patient is eager to participate at the beginning, their commitment to training and therapy diminishes as their pain and range of motion increases. The consequences are functional disorders that often occur in conjunction with pain because the rehabilitation process was not carried out to the end.

Fit and healthy with your rehab trainer Hamburg

Procedure at Reha Training Hamburg

In order to be able to draw up a post-treatment plan for my client according to training science criteria, I need detailed information in advance to be able to assess the exact performance status of my clients. For traceability reasons, I record all the information from our conversation. In this protocol, professional, private and sporting aspects are discussed in addition to the patient’s medical history. All the resulting findings serve as a basis for drawing up an individual rehabilitation concept.

I then design an individual training program that challenges my clients and is adapted to their current recovery status. My main focus is on varying the training methods to keep my clients happy on the one hand and to spur them on to achieve regular performance gains on the other. In our rehabilitation training, we use equipment (therapeutic strength equipment), coordination, endurance and proprioception methods to prepare my clients for everyday activities. As we progress, we implement functional rehab training because, as in real life, it takes place in three-dimensional space and best reflects everyday movements. Functional rehabilitation training integrates muscles, neurological, vascular and regional tissue structures, as functionality is crucial for any successful movement. Everyday movements, whether conscious or unconscious, basically consist of an interplay of strength, stability, balance, mobility, endurance and speed. Through this holistic approach, I bring my clients into a healthy and performance-ready functional state that takes into account the demands of everyday life at work or in sport.

I am also happy to support you in your recovery process and help you to recover, move better and avoid future injuries. Contact your rehab trainer Hamburg for a non-binding introductory meeting in which we can clarify all your wishes and expectations.

Rehab training Hamburg

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Benefit from 25 years of expertise in various areas of martial arts and experience real fitness that will raise your quality of life to a new level!

Rehab Training Hamburg includes the following success factors:

  • expert rehabilitation trainingwhich is also used in professional sports to achieve goals quickly and sustainably
  • Important customer tips on health, function and anatomy
  • Modern rehabilitation methods and equipment for rapid success
  • Individual consulting approaches – because every customer is different
  • Always up to date – through further training and the latest research results
  • Coordination and knowledge transfer through a qualified network of doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths