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Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg

Kickboxing offers high-intensity personal fitness training for anyone who wants to push their limits

Our Fitness Kickboxing is definitely one of the most effective workouts Your Boxing Coach has to offer, as this fighting style thrives on its fast pace and focuses on a combination of boxing techniques, kicks and knee strikes. This highly intensive yet effective personal training offers an optimal balance of exertion and recovery phases and leads to increased strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and improved balance after just a short time. For all participants of my private training in Hamburg, kickboxing offers a great training program to keep fit and to learn effective self-defense. For this reason, Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg is also becoming increasingly popular with women who want to improve their stamina and learn self-defense.

About my qualification

Your Boxing Coach is your personal kickboxing trainer and group trainer with 30 years of experience in kickboxing and at the same time a certified kickboxing trainer and part of the largest international professional association of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO). To this day, I have supported various world champions and internationally successful kickboxers in their preparation for competitions and still take every opportunity to actively train with them and further my education.

Training goals of Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg

Training goals that are the focus of fitness kickboxing as well as every one of my personal training sessions:

  • Strength endurance
  • Explosiveness
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Stability and flexibility
fitness kickboxen

Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg – Free trial training*


1 pair of boxing bandages free with the purchase of a 10-pack card


Rental equipment can be provided for each training session


Sports and video analysis for rapid training progress

*The offer is only valid when purchasing a multiple ticket or booking a longer-term training period. The costs incurred for the trial training will be refunded after the purchase.

Six reasons why you too can benefit from Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg

Kickboxen stärkt und ist gesund

Achieving your health and sporting goals is my top priority! As a certified kickboxing personal trainer with 30 years of experience, I am part of the largest international professional association, the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO). Kickboxing fitness training with Your Boxing Coach is currently not only very popular, but also very healthy. According to a scientific study…

… from Bellinger et al. (1997), an hour of shadow boxing or sandbagging burns as many calories as a brisk 10 km run. Apart from the mental benefits that kickboxing training Altona brings, the physical results can be observed quickly. Endurance and fitness training kickboxing is extremely effective at helping you lose weight, improves mobility, increases strength and speed and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The fun factor will ultimately ensure that you want to continue training consistently.

Kickboxen hält nachhaltig fit

Personal training kickboxing with Your Boxing Coach is not only very popular, but also very healthy. Apart from the many mental benefits that kickboxing training Altona brings, the physical results are quick to observe. Kickboxing personal training is extremely effective at helping you lose weight, improving coordination, …

… increases strength, speed, agility, sense of balance and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The fun factor will ultimately ensure that time flies by and that you want to continue training consistently.

Kickboxen als Stressabbau

Personal training with kickboxing techniques is the perfect outlet for stress relief and serves to reduce accumulated mental tension. In our high-intensity private training sessions, you will learn how to actively react to resistance, how to avoid it, but also how to withstand it. At Fitness Kickboxing Training Hamburg you can really let off steam on the punching bag, on the claw or in partner exercises and…

…look forward to the guaranteed endorphin rush that comes with every session with your licensed personal trainer for kickboxing.

Kickboxen steigert Wahrnehmung

Personal training in kickboxing is not only suitable for improving your sense of balance, responsiveness, mobility and hand-eye coordination. Our fitness kickboxing Hamburg helps to improve body control and self-awareness. Exercising is similar to physical activation and can help to build up an awareness of your own strength in order to overcome…

better handle feelings and emotional situations. This is another very positive side effect that often occurs after the first joint kickboxing training session and results in better self-assertion and self-determination.

Kickboxen für schnelle Erfolge

During our quick two to three minute claw and sandbag sessions, as a fitness kickboxing coach I pay particular attention to the correct execution of the kickboxing techniques and spur you on when your inner bastard tries to snatch the rudder out of your hand. As can be seen from current fitness trends, interval training is enjoying great popularity these days, as even…

short interval units can produce similar results in the improvement of cardiopulmonary function as e.g. longer cycling or other endurance sports. Fitness kickboxing training Hamburg has a direct effect on maximum oxygen uptake in the blood and can contribute to the economization of movement sequences (inter- and intramuscular coordination). The calorie consumption during private kickboxing training is correspondingly high due to the combination of punches and kicks, which is why our personal kickboxing training is ideal for losing weight.

Kickboxen keeps happy

There is no room for boredom in our kickboxing training. Everyone knows the tiring feeling that sets in on the treadmill, in the equipment area or in overcrowded fitness classes and turns the minutes into agonizingly long hours. In our personal kickboxing training together, I’ll keep you happy with a huge portfolio of action-packed training methods, music, lots of motivation and humor…

…and make the time fly by. Added to this is the release of the body’s own messenger substances such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. All of them together trigger a state similar to intoxication, which sometimes lasts well into the next day after the training session and puts its participants in a state of elation. Each of these factors is reason enough for you to be full of anticipation for our next private kickboxing training session in Hamburg.

Kickboxing specifically for women – customized training for your success

Find out the four advantages of women’s kickboxing in Hamburg here

Kickboxing for women is a perfect full-body workout

A well-structured kickboxing personal training session for women is an intensive and comprehensive full-body workout. The punches and kicks are triggered by impulses from the legs and delivered via the hips to the target. Well-trained muscles in the torso, shoulders, arms and especially the legs are essential for quick kicks and fast, powerful punches. Without sufficient leg mobility, participants in kickboxing for women will not have the opportunity to fully develop their kicking arsenal. The muscles of the arms must also be trained similarly to those of boxers, as otherwise there is a risk that the kickboxer will no longer be able to keep her arms up due to fatigue and will not be able to fend off or block opponent’s kicks and punches. The extremely complex movement mechanisms of kickboxing for women require a high degree of body tension, which strains the entire body, especially the leg, core and shoulder muscles. Our kickboxing personal training specifically for women ensures an athletic silhouette, promotes fitness, helps with weight loss and tones the entire body.

Kickboxing for women boosts self-confidence

Kickboxing is a kind of school of life. Kickboxing helped me to adapt the successes I achieved there to the rest of my life and to be able to take the occasional hit. Among other things, I owe my self-confidence, will to win, humility, self-control, stamina and, above all, my stand-up mentality to him. These are all very good reasons why I look forward to passing on my knowledge as a personal trainer for kickboxing, especially for women, at each of my personal training sessions.

Kickboxing for women is suitable for losing weight and building muscle

Kickboxing is a martial art in which you can achieve rapid training success. Hardly any other sport offers such a holistic training program, in which the basic motor skills such as strength, endurance, agility, speed and coordination are trained. Your personal trainer for women’s kickboxing is a certified fitness and HYROX coach and combines each workout with a variation of athletic, mobility and coordination elements. In this way, I create high-intensity, energetic full-body workouts that are geared towards athletes of different fitness levels.

Kickboxing for women is suitable for self-protection

Achieving your health and sporting goals is my top priority! As a certified personal coach in kickboxing with more than 25 years of experience, I am part of the largest international professional association of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO).
Even if some die-hard martial artists and athletes will now cry out in disgust, I am firmly convinced that kickboxing for women can also be used for defense in emergency situations. I’m already thinking in advance of avoiding a confrontation through a confident, self-assured demeanor, which you will acquire over time through kickboxing training. If you appear confident to the outside world, an aggressor may turn away from the supposed victim. Should an unavoidable emergency situation nevertheless arise, recent studies have shown that targeted strikes and defensive knee strikes are highly likely to avert an attack. Both are practiced again and again in our fitness kickboxing for women and resistance is trained at the same time. High kicks above the belt should be avoided in a self-defense scenario, as tight clothing can hinder kicking and a slippery surface could result in slipping.
Should the attack nevertheless end in a ground fight, I will show you techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga on how to escape an attack by a physically superior opponent, especially as a woman.

Fitness Kickboxing Hamburg

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