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Fitness Coach Hamburg

Personal training for everyone!

With personal coach Zeki Cizgec

Your Boxing Coach offers much more than just learning how to box – as an experienced and licensed fitness coach Hamburg, I offer a large repertoire of functional athletic training to achieve your long-term goals, complement your training and give your life a new quality. My many years of experience and my thirst for knowledge in the field of modern sports science ensure that we realize your sporting and health goals with confidence.

Sitting for long periods of time, constantly looking down at our cell phones and monitors, stress and a lack of exercise are responsible for a large part of the health problems of our time. To counteract this negative development in our increasingly fast-paced working lives, your personal fitness trainer in Hamburg will show you how to change your mindset, optimize your movement patterns, protect your joints and ensure that all muscle groups work together.

What are the benefits of personal training in Hamburg?

Through regular and sports science-based training, we create a combination of the right mix of exertion and recovery and essentially increase your physical performance. As a positive side effect, complaints and risk factors are prevented, illnesses are avoided and treated, and your regeneration is improved.

Regular training with your personal trainer leads to a longer-lasting sense of balance, increased self-confidence, more energy at work and improved mental well-being

Übersicht: Langzeitziele für Personal Training Hamburg

  • Motivation to maximize success in all situations in life
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Whole body conditioning
  • Reduction of long-term damage to health
  • Improvement in life expectancy
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Self-defense
  • Self-awareness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Strength and fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Posture
personal fitness trainer
Personal Trainer Zeki vor einer Gruppe von Schülern

To help you achieve these goals, I offer you my many years of experience as a personal trainer in Hamburg:

  • Animal Movement
  • Atem-Coaching (Breath-Work)
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Core-Training
  • Ernährungsberatung
  • Gerätetraining
  • HIT & HIIT-Training
  • Kettlebell-Workouts
  • Medizinisches Rückentraining
  • Mobility Training
  • Selbstverteidigung

From Hamburg: Personal trainer Zeki gets you to your destination!

Free trial training*


1 pair of boxing bandages free with the purchase of a 10-pack card


Rental equipment can be provided for each training session


Sports and video analysis for rapid training progress

*The offer is only valid when purchasing a multiple ticket or booking a longer-term training period. The costs incurred for the trial training will be refunded after the purchase.

Martial arts workouts as highly effective training for everyone – with your personal coach Hamburg

The training of martial artists is usually holistic and takes place at the highest level of intensity in competition. If you had a martial arts competition coming up in the foreseeable future, you would certainly leave nothing to chance and try not to neglect any part of your body in order to surpass yourself in the competition. As a fitness trainer in Hamburg, I choose a training concept in which we train all basic motor skills and mental strength down to the smallest detail.

What helps martial artists to perform at their best is also of great importance for recreational athletes. As training outside the professional field is usually subject to time restrictions, we use efficient methods that address several muscles or muscle groups in one movement at the same time. As a fitness trainer in Hamburg, I create highly efficient and intensive workouts that will help you to explore your body’s potential, move faster and deal with higher forces.

As a fitness trainer, I set new, varied training stimuli with creative functional training

Zeki, your personal coach, offers you a creative mix of traditional and modern training methods to keep boredom at bay. My training sessions consist of a creative mix of functional training, which are effective and coordinatively challenging to keep you on the ball. In just a short time, you will become more flexible, more balanced and noticeably more powerful.

As a personal fitness coach from Hamburg, I adapt the training to the individual requirements of my participants and develop exercises to help them enter everyday life with renewed energy and carry out activities more easily and without pain. If you suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, personal training with your fitness trainer Hamburg is an ideal way to reduce pressure and pain and increase strength. You will become stronger, develop improved posture and enjoy a new quality of life that will give you momentum and self-confidence for everyday life.

As a fitness trainer, I know: quality before quantity

It’s not about superficially pumped up muscles, but rather about strengthening your body from the depths. In other words: quality instead of quantity! In martial arts, simply being strong is by no means enough. It is much more important to incorporate the biomechanics of the spine and hips in order to train the body efficiently from the center out to the extremities and thus strengthen it permanently. My promise as a fitness coach: “The muscles will come almost all by themselves!”

Well stretched is half the battle

A well-stretched and mobile body functions more sustainably and is of the utmost importance, as it minimizes the risk of injury and avoids postural and movement errors. As a fitness trainer in Hamburg, I all too often have to deal with clients who suffer from serious health problems due to poor posture or poor movement. Training on your own and without a concept can make this condition progressively worse and in quite a few cases even end up on the operating table.

For this reason, we always start an individual session in our personal fitness training with exercises to promote mobility, then add stabilization and coordination exercises and combine these with strength or endurance training. By developing a high level of strength quickly, martial artists promote the explosiveness that is necessary for powerful dynamic movement sequences and leads to activation of the central nervous system.

personal fitness liegestütz
personal fitness lift

Personal fitness training tailored to your needs

Basically, it can be said that, for example. a boxer has different training priorities and goals than a rower. Specific training adapted to the respective sport is therefore of the utmost importance. In our sports school, the Zanshin Dojo in Hamburg, we are ideally equipped to achieve various training goals on more than 2000 square meters. In our functional fitness hall, we train together in various interval units to get fit all round and prevent common ailments such as back and shoulder pain.
As a personal fitness trainer Hamburg and certified HYROX coach, I will help you to maximize your strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and coordination on our HYROX parkour and, of course, prepare you for HYROX competitions if you wish.

You don’t have to make some experiences yourself!

It is well known that any extreme can be bad for you. Before I became a professional fitness trainer in Hamburg, I also learned after years of hard training that my body was crying out for a break and that my ‘crowbar training concept’ at the time was simply no longer working. Of course, I’ve had to deal with more or less serious injuries from time to time over the years, but this time the diagnosis was ‘slipped disc’. So what to do?

The doctors urgently advised me to refrain from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as Thai and kickboxing training, as both sports can have a stressful effect on the joints when practiced to the extreme without sports science-based counterbalance training. So I completely changed my training and have acquired as much knowledge as possible about sports science and different training concepts over the past few years. Thanks to this intelligent and customized training concept, I was able to avoid surgery, regain my health and continue on my path as a fitness trainer in Hamburg.

I still love high-intensity training. As a professional fitness coach and boxing trainer, it gives me all the more pleasure today to prevent my participants from suffering such injuries or to help them as part of their rehab so that they can live without pain in the long term.

Fitness Coach Hamburg

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Benefit from 25 years of expertise in various areas of martial arts and experience real fitness that will raise your quality of life to a new level!