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The Art of 8 LimbS

Thai Boxing in Hamburg

It all started with my passion for Thai boxing. As a Muay Thai Personal trainer, I cover different types of boxing. Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport, which today is one of the hardest martial art in the world. The history of Muay Thai or Thai boxing is deeply rooted in the Thai tradition. This hard, incredibly dynamic, and at the same time, fascinating martial art demands everything from its opponents. For many Thais, Thai boxing is more than just a sport – it is a way of life and a way of earning a living. For active participants, Muay Thai offers a great training program to keep fit and to learn effective self-defense. For this reason, Thai Boxing Hamburg is increasingly frequented by women who do not want to participate in competitions.

The effectiveness of Muay Thai

Not everyone who practices Muay Thai automatically has to participate in competitions. The sport is extremely time-consuming and requires very good preparation in order to prevent injuries in the best possible way. However, the advantages of pure Muay Thai training are so manifold that actually everyone can benefit from it. A certain basic fitness, humility, and the will to learn is required. Due to the effectiveness and dominance of this fascinating fighting sport in the stand-up area, the demand for Muay Thai has truly exploded with the emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and the many other international MMA organizations. This is one of the reasons why Muay Thai training or Thai boxing training has become an integral part of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The efficiency of Muay Thai Hamburg enables especially women and young people to successfully defend themselves against attacks.

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Your Boxing Coach is your Muay Thai Personal Trainer With more than 30 YeARS of Experience.

How I gOT to Thai boxing

Thaiboxen Hamburg

In the early 90s, at the age of about 15, a friend who already had experience in Thai boxing brought a VHS cassette with Muay Thai fights from the famous Lumpini Stadium (LINK) from Thailand. A Dutch boxer named Ramon Dekkers was the first foreigner to stand out for his dynamic and offensive fighting style. From that moment on I was immediately fascinated by Dekkers performance and his will to win. Dekkers was at that time still at the beginning of his career and quickly became a crowd favorite due to his numerous successes and his entertaining fighting style over the years. The eight-time Muay Thai World Champion was the first foreigner to receive the award “Muay Thai Fighter of the Year” and was voted one of the best Thai boxers ever to fight in Thailand by both Thais and foreigners. Over the years, my sporting idols have been a major motivation for me to want to practice this exciting sport for the rest of my life: Therefore, I have founded Thaiboxing Hamburg and my Muay Thai Personal Training as ‘Your Boxing Coach’.

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About my Qualification

Your Boxing Coach is a Muay Thai personal trainer and group trainer with more than 30 years of active experience in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. As a certified kickboxing trainer of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO), it is my goal to show you the art of Muay Thai and teach you the large repertoire of techniques. Until today I have supported various world champions and internationally successful kick and Thai boxers in their preparation for competitions and I still take every opportunity to actively train with them and their coaching staff to enhance my personal skill set.

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A short excursion into the history of Muay Thai

Muay Thai is called the art of the eight limbs. In contrast to western boxing, this martial art allows for punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and clinching. This means the use of all extremities with their eight points of contact. Muay Thai is derived from the older fighting art called Muay Boran, which was developed on the battlefields. Due to its complexity and the use of different weapons, it goes far beyond the techniques of today’s Muay Thai. Though the exact origin of Muay Thai is unknown, historians agree the tradition of Muay Thai is closely connected to the history of Thailand, which can be dated back about a thousand years.

The first great upswing of Muay Thai as a sport took place in 1584 under King Naresuan, at a time that has gone down in history as the Ayuddhaya period.
Thai boxing became the favourite sport and pastime of the people, the army and the king, which is why the sport is also called ‘sport of the kings’ in Thailand. To this day, the royal military of Thailand is taught in Muay Thai training as a close combat technique.

Historical sources show that even in earlier times people from all walks of life flocked to the training camps and were interested in Muay Thai Personal Training. Regardless of age or social class, everyone had the goal to learn Muay Thai. Every village staged its prize fights and had its own champions. The betting tradition is deeply rooted in the sport and even today large sums of money are bet on the outcome of the fights. Every fight has always grown from a sporting event to a competition of local pride.

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Thai Boxing Hamburg – Experience a new body awareness and benefit from unimagined energy

Which techniques are taught in Muay Thai Personal Training?

Boxing in Muay Thai is according to the rules and differs only from western boxing in that punches from the rotation with the back of the hand are allowed. A big difference to western boxing, however, is that boxing techniques tend to be performed from full and half distance because there is the danger of being taken into the clinch by the opponent and attacked with knees or elbows. As an experienced boxing trainer and Muay Thai personal trainer, I explain the differences and train with you what you have learned on the claw and the sandbag.

Kicks are also part of the Muay Thai techniques and, unlike other martial arts, are not only practiced with the foot, but more often with the more robust shin. The kicks are accelerated to high speed by a rotation of the whole body and are brought to the target by a targeted impact angle. In our Muay Thai Personal Training I pay special attention to the fact that the kicks of my participants are only executed by correctly rotating the whole body so that they can develop their full power.

Elbows are also an integral part of private Thai boxing training and are a very efficient weapon for close combat. The blows or kicks with the elbow can be executed from any angle in a flash and often leave lacerations when hitting the head. The techniques with the elbows and the use of the knees are the reason why Thai boxers are especially difficult to control at close range.

Knees are another weapon of Muay Thai training and fighting. Knee strikes may not be aimed at the genitals or the back of the head, depending on varying rules. Knee strikes are a very efficient weapon in the close range, which is intensified by clinching (holding the opponent).

Clinching is called the wrestling of opponents in a standing position. It is an attempt to get the opponent off balance, to open his cover or to find gaps in his cover in order to attack him with knees and elbows or even to bring him down. In our Muay Thai Personal Training we go through complex clinching techniques so that you are well prepared for a close combat scenario.

Catching and holding kicks are also part of Muay Thai training. By catching and holding kicks, opponents are stopped in their attack and are more easily attacked due to the lack of balance on one leg. By sweeping or throwing the opponent, he can be brought down, which usually does not result in a knockout, but can have a demoralizing effect on the fighting process of the opponent. The catching and holding of kicks is also a very effective technique, which other fighting styles have difficulties with. In our Thaiboxing private training we go through different scenarios to neutralize opponent kicks.

Muay Thai Hamburg

The Muay Thai Personal Training is the most effective workout that Thaiboxing Hamburg has to offer. This fighting style is extremely variable and thrives on fast punch and kick combinations as well as on the clinch, the wrestling while standing. The training at Muay Thai Hamburg trains the muscles of all body regions and leads to increased strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and improvement of balance after a short time.

Training goals in Personal Thai boxing

As training goals of the Thaiboxing private training serve:

  • Strength endurance
  • Explosivity
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Speed
  • Stability
  • and flexibility, which is the focus of every Muay Thai Personal Training.

Due to its high intensity, private Thai boxing training is very well suited to increase the physical abilities, because even a short Muay Thai training has similar results as a long endurance run or swimming. A Thaiboxing private training over a longer period of time has effects on the oxygen capacity in the blood and leads to an economization of movement sequences. Since the calorie consumption of Muay Thai Hamburg is correspondingly high, Muay Thai Personal Training is ideal for losing weight. Not to forget the self-defense aspect, which is why Thai boxing private training is also ideal for women and young people who are interested in a particularly effective way of self-defense.

The Muay Thai training with Your Boxing Coach consists of partner exercises, working on the claw, and the sandbag, where I pay attention to the correct execution of the techniques and at the same time spur you on to best performances.
No matter if you want to participate in a Personal Training Kickboxing or a Muay Thai Personal Training – achieving your health and sportive goals is my highest priority. During our private training, I motivate you during the last repetitions and do everything to ensure that the fun factor in our Muay Thai training is not neglected. And at the same time, your personal trainer costs will be kept within an absolutely green range.

Thai Boxing Hamburg

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