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Private boxing training for all ages and levels

Your Boxing Coach Hamburg for quick learning success!

In recent years, boxing has developed into a very popular leisure sport with its effective and holistic training methods. What in the past was often associated with violence and shady characters is now considered to be popular with the masses and is practiced by boxing enthusiasts of all ages, genders and social classes. Being able to box is now considered cool, which is why boxing clubs and sports schools are very popular these days. This is exactly where your personal boxing trainer from Hamburg comes in, because the idea of competition is no longer the main focus for men and women.

What are the benefits of personal boxing training?

As a personal boxing trainer in Hamburg, I first get an impression of your fitness level before every training session. My analysis always takes into account your personal goals, your health, your everyday life and your sporting history, so that I can adapt my private boxing training ideally to your level of fitness and knowledge. In this way, as a licensed fitness trainer, I have the opportunity not only to help my clients progress in boxing, but also to support them in the treatment of possible complaints and prophylaxis. The decisive advantage of personal boxing training with a qualified boxing coach is that you will experience faster and, above all, greater success than in group training sessions. Because in group training sessions, individual goals from a sporting and health perspective often fall by the wayside. Even if our individual training is primarily about boxing or your fitness, as a passionate personal trainer I pursue one overriding goal – to improve your quality of life in all respects!

New fitness, strength and a strong body through personal boxing training Hamburg

Good boxing training creates stamina, self-confidence, humility and self-control!

As I could be described as rather insecure and restless during my childhood and adolescence, my mother searched in vain for solutions to get this problem under control. My lack of concentration caused me a lot of problems when I was learning at school and my quick-tempered and restless nature disrupted my lessons. It was a kind of chain reaction that robbed me of all motivation due to my failure at school and gave me a not inconsiderable blow to my self-esteem. I first came into contact with boxing at the age of about eight as a member of the Hamburg Police Sports Club. Even though my interest in boxing training waned again after a brief excursion, boxing completely captivated me later in my teenage years and helped me to adapt the successes I achieved there to the rest of my life.

The boxing training helped me to develop self-confidence, stamina, humility and self-control, which I was able to apply successfully to all areas of my life. I would even go so far as to say that martial arts has made me a better person!

Boxing is aggressively beating each other up!

Anyone who associates boxing with aggressive, headless punching has not understood boxing and martial arts in general. A fighter’s tactics are the decisive element in boxing. An effective attack depends on the ability to read the opponent and then execute quick and precise punches to the opponent’s body and head. If you switch off your brain and just bang away, you won’t even make it through your first boxing training session. For this reason, as a personal boxing trainer in Hamburg, I attach great importance to teaching my participants not just mindless punching techniques, but rather the basic maxims of boxing during our private boxing training. They are

  • Speed
  • Timing
  • Distance

and are never neglected by me as a personal boxing trainer in Hamburg.

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*The offer is only valid when purchasing a multiple ticket or booking a longer-term training period. The costs incurred for the trial training will be refunded after the purchase.

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Personal boxing training promotes courage, tactics and above all cleverness!

Different opponents always require you to adapt your fighting strategy due to their technical and physical abilities. Your own tactics should be adapted to factors such as your opponent’s size and associated range, punch hardness, sense of rhythm and footwork. If a larger fighter fights a smaller fighter in a boxing match, he will probably try to keep his opponent at a distance and control him from the center of the ring with punches and economic use of footwork.

The smaller opponent will use dynamic footwork and avoidance and rolling movements to try to get past his opponent’s long reach and force him into the ring ropes so that he can cover him with effective strikes to the head and body.

As an experienced personal boxing trainer in Hamburg, I will show you how to box from different fighting distances and explain the techniques and associated risks. Mastering the distance is a decisive factor that requires a lot of finger – or rather “foot” – tip feeling to leave the fight as the winner. As it can generally be said that an attack in a fight is usually faster than the defense, the ability to assess distances and use them to your advantage is an extremely important part of our private boxing training.

A fighter at long range, on the other hand, is more difficult to hit, but it is also more difficult for him to initiate a successful attack himself due to the longer distance. With good timing, speed, striking technique and, last but not least, the dynamic use of footwork, he is able to win the fight. In most cases, only fractions of a second are decisive here, in which the defender must recognize attacks in order to neutralize them and be able to switch directly to a counterattack. As a boxing coach in Hamburg, I constantly pay attention to the footwork of my participants and remind them of the optimal distance in specially selected exercises.

Boxing – a sport that requires an alert state of mind.

An elementary component of my personal training for boxing is learning different fighting tactics that are adapted to different styles and opponents. In joint training, e.g. on the punching pad, we train the movement sequences and check what we have learned. As a personal boxing trainer, I help you to recognize how to act with foresight (anticipate) and at the same time try to neutralize your opponent’s strengths.

With an alert mind, we impose our boxing style on the opponent, lure him with feints and exploit his weaknesses. If we are ever distracted, tired or inattentive, we can quickly take unpleasant hits during a boxing match or sparring session, which not only cost us points, but can also be decisive in some circumstances. The more flexible the mind, the more opportunities there are to use your own technical portfolio successfully.

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How does a private boxing training session work?

Personal boxing training in Hamburg with Your Boxing Coach usually begins with a 10-15 minute warm-up round, followed directly by shadow boxing and various exercises that promote coordination and train the eye. Meanwhile, I always incorporate exercises that focus on fitness skills such as strength, endurance and flexibility. After mobilizing the joints and stretching all relevant muscle groups, boxing exercises on the sandbag or the claw follow.

Thanks to the extremely professionally equipped training environment that our Zanshin Dojo sports school in Hamburg provides us with optimal training conditions that many professional martial artists dream of. With a very broad portfolio of state-of-the-art sports science training methods developed over many years, I help my participants to achieve their goals quickly and reliably as a personal boxing trainer in Hamburg.

In boxing training, we create challenging exercise routines to keep your heart rate up between rounds and burn calories while perfecting your techniques. We integrate defense techniques, work on your speed, sharpen your senses and learn how to block, avoid and roll punches and how to incorporate feints into your arsenal.

As a passionate personal boxing coach, it is my job to make the training as varied as possible and to adapt it to the requirements and needs of my participants. In this way, we prevent boredom from arising, so that the time in personal boxing training Hamburg seems to fly by.

Boxing requires brains!

In every personal boxing training session, I focus on crucial elements such as tactics. If you become hectic or give free rein to feelings such as fear and anger, you can quickly take a heavy hit.

Two basic tactics in boxing training are: Offensive and defensive tactics:

  • An offensive boxer, such as Mike Tyson, will try to lead the fight on his own initiative and surprise his opponent at different distances with attacks and counter-attacks.
  • A defensive boxer, on the other hand, such as Floyd Mayweather, tries to neutralize his opponent’s attacks by blocking, sequences of steps and avoidance movements and to turn them into counter-attacks, which are executed from different distances.

However, experienced fighters do not rely on one of these styles. Instead, they have the ability to combine both styles and use them depending on the course of the fight. A very common and effective tactic is to read or scout your opponent at the beginning of a fight to get information about their style and habits. The battle strategy can be adapted and changed to an offensive strategy as fatigue sets in and the opponent’s corner makes more and more mistakes.

Personal boxing training should therefore always include elements that prepare the participant tactically for different opponents and their fighting strategies.

Whether fitness boxing, boxing for women, boxing for children or manager boxing for professionals – as your personal boxing trainer in Hamburg, I adapt 100% to your needs.

Boxing for women Hamburg

The days when only men in boxing schools spent their time in the ring, on punching bags and on the claw are a long outdated stereotype. Boxing for women is gaining more and more fans these days. Thanks to its effectiveness, participants in boxing for women Hamburg see rapid results and benefit from a variety of other positive effects on body and mind.

9 arguments why private boxing training is particularly suitable for women

A well-structured personal boxing workout is a complete full-body workout. Each stroke is triggered by an impulse from the legs and delivered via the hips to the hands. Well-trained muscles in the legs, torso, shoulders and arms are essential for nimble footwork and fast, powerful strokes. Without sufficiently trained arms, a boxer will have difficulty keeping his arms up until the end of the session. A correctly executed stroke requires body tension and is a complex movement mechanism that strains the entire body and in particular the leg, core and shoulder muscles. For this reason, boxing for women gives you a sporty silhouette, helps you lose weight and tones your entire body.

As a longtime personal boxing trainer at one of the largest martial arts schools in Germany with more than 25 years of experience in boxing, achieving your health and athletic goals is my top priority!
In our joint personal boxing training, I help my participants to achieve rapid success with a very broad portfolio of state-of-the-art sports science training methods developed over many years and an eye for the correct execution of boxing techniques. During our individual training sessions, I will constantly motivate you and do everything to ensure that the fun factor is not neglected during boxing training. As a passionate boxing trainer in Hamburg, it is my job to make the training as varied as possible and to adapt it to the requirements and needs of my participants. In this way, we prevent boredom from setting in, so that the time spent boxing for women in Hamburg seems to fly by.

My boxing training for women offers no room for boredom. Everyone knows the tiring feeling that sets in on the treadmill, in the equipment area or in overcrowded classes and turns the minutes into agonizingly long hours. In our personal boxing training together, I will keep you entertained with a huge portfolio of action-packed training methods, music, lots of motivation and, last but not least, humor, and make the time fly by. Added to this is the release of the body’s own messenger substances such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. All of them together trigger a state similar to intoxication, which sometimes lasts until the next day after training and puts the athlete in a state of elation. Each of these factors will make you look forward to our next session of personal boxing training.

Boxing training is not only very popular, but also very healthy. According to a scientific study by Bellinger et al. (1997), an hour of shadow boxing or sandbagging burns as many calories as a brisk 10 km run. Apart from the mental benefits, the physical results of personal boxing training can be seen quickly. In boxing for women Hamburg, my participants burn fat, improve mobility, increase strength and speed and strengthen the cardiovascular system immensely. Ultimately, the fun factor will ensure that you want to continue training consistently.

Boxing is a kind of school of life. Boxing helped me to adapt the successes I achieved there to the rest of my life and to be able to take the occasional hit. Among other things, I owe my self-confidence, will to win, humility, self-control, stamina and, above all, my stand-up mentality to him. – These are all good reasons why I look forward to passing on my knowledge as a personal boxing trainer at each of my personal training sessions.

Boxing is a sport in which you can achieve rapid training success. Hardly any other sport offers such a holistic training program, in which the basic motor skills such as strength, endurance, agility, speed and coordination are trained. Your personal boxing trainer in Hamburg is a certified fitness and HYROX coach and combines every workout with a variation of athletic, mobility and coordination elements. In this way, I create high-intensity, energetic full-body workouts that are geared towards participants of different fitness levels.

I am firmly convinced that boxing for women can also serve as a defense in emergency situations. I’m already thinking here in advance of avoiding a confrontation through a confident, self-assured demeanor, which you will acquire over time through Boxing for Women Hamburg. If you appear confident to the outside world, an aggressor may turn away from the supposed victim. Should an unavoidable emergency situation nevertheless arise, the latest studies have shown that targeted hitting and loud shouting are highly likely to avert an attack. The former is practiced again and again in our personal boxing training and resistance is also trained in the same time. If, in the worst case scenario, the attacker pulls his victim to the ground, I can show you how to defend yourself in the event of an attack by a physically superior opponent using techniques from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Krav Maga.

Our boxing for women individual training is not only suitable for improving your sense of balance, reaction time, mobility and hand-eye coordination. Boxing training helps to improve body control and self-awareness. This is another very positive side effect that often occurs after the first personal boxing training session and results in better self-assertion and self-determination.

Personal training with boxing techniques is the perfect way to relieve stress and reduce accumulated mental tension. In our high-intensity private training sessions, you will learn how to actively react to resistance, how to avoid it, but also how to withstand it. At Fitness Boxtraining Hamburg you can really let off steam on the punching bag, on the claw or in partner exercises and look forward to the guaranteed endorphin rush that comes with every session with your licensed personal trainer.

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